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Post  EaT TrAsH on Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:34 pm

- No WWE content of any sort, images, videos, logos, or anything else that refers to their trademarked intellectual property. However you can use other, now defunct, federation's material owned by WWE aslong as they are not currently in use. For examples WCW or ECW are fine to use aslong as there are no WWE logo's in your material and any wrestlers you use are not currently under any contract to WWE. If you are caught breaking this rule a GML will notify you and ask you to please remove the offending material from any future shows. If you fail to do this for that particular breach and it is seen again in future shows then you will receive a warning. If you are unsure of your content just ask me.

- Use of other copyrighted/trademarked material should only be with the owner’s permission - this includes images from Google etc. If the image clearly shows a copyright/trademark logo and TWG receives a complaint we may get shut down.

- No swearing of any kind, offensive images, videos, or music. Vulgarity, Racism, and Nudity, are not to be in a show. There are other of course other off limited topics too ( they come under the blanket of ‘offensive’ ) so use common sense for these. The GM is responsible for ensuring the content does not offend anyone.
Censoring swears is considered ok within reason but please tryu use (censored) or (beep) rather than #$%# style masking as it doesn't look as good. - e.g. "I hate him! He is such an (censored)!" - I would consider ok. Usually 1-5 censored words per RP is ok to put across some emphasis. The swear should try to be unobvious also e.g. "he (censored) up this time and he will pay!" is not as good as "He (censored) this time and he will pay!"
Also the content containing the censored words will bej udged so if you are disucssing something offensive and disgusting and think it's fine as you censored the bad words then it will still be breaching the rule of offensive content. e.g. talking of lude, sexual acts but censoring the bad words.

- Our MAJOR show every week MUST contain at LEAST 200 lines of written content. Be it RPs, advertisements, commentry, or whatever else they must be within your MAJOR show. You may air your minor show as only matches if you like with no content however if you do not have any content you CANNOT book any title matches via the GM panel title match feature. If you wish to book title matches using this feature the minor show MUST contain at LEAST 100 lines of written content ( in addition to the 200 of your major show ) and their must be a storyline pertaining to the title match.

- As English is the primary language of TWG all shows must be in English. Exceptions to this might be if you decide to include a foreign speaking wrestler to your fed as a gimmick but you must ensure the language he sues doesn’t break any of the content rules.

- No contract negotiations of any kind with other wrestlers signed under another federation. Tempting other wrestlers to leave their federations to join yours, under any circumstances, will be considered cheating, and we will deal with it accordingly. Your staff can recruit off contract wrestlers on your behalf ( this is change to the old rule of only a GM could discuss contracts with people ) if you choose to let them but remember if they break the rule of contacting on contract staff ( even if it’s a friend of theirs ) then it’s the same as if you did it yourself and will be just as punishable … which brings us to the last rule.


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